I’m very proud of this project which I’ve been working on over the past year, in conjunction with the wonderful artist Fi Burke and film production students from the University of Derby. Most of all, I’m proud of the Long Eaton girls who made it all possible. You can now watch the film on YouTube.

Senna_square‘Girl Rising: Derbyshire’ was inspired by Girl Rising, a documentary and social action campaign which uses the power of storytelling to raise awareness of inequality, and to get girls into classrooms worldwide. ‘Girl Rising: Derbyshire’ was devised, written and filmed by Year 9 students at The Long Eaton School. Their starting point was the story of Senna, a girl from a Peruvian mining town struggling for her right to education, who finds inspiration and hope through reading, writing and performing poems; her strength inspired the Derbyshire girls to identify areas of struggle, challenge and success in their own lives, and express them through poetry. The film was supported by Made in Derbyshire and premiered at the Derbyshire Literature Festival 2015.