!cid_F8366462-FE5F-4F58-B4D4-E15A5F54779E Huge thanks to the 53 poets who took part (& kept to time!) and to the hundreds of people who sponsored, listened and gave generously. Round of applause for the Art House who hosted us and whose cafe kept us stoked up with food and drink. A tip o’ the nib to Jane Knight of Karuna Design who made us this beautiful poster.

The response was overwhelming, and even got a mention from The Poetry Society.  A fantastic community event, standing room only, enthusiastic audiences, tears and laughter. The end result? Over £14,000 raised for ASSIST Sheffield, plus a further donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres and the Hummingbird Project for grassroots work in the refugee camps of Northern France. This is what poetry is for. Poetry at its best. Poetry in action.