Betweenity by River Wolton

Betweenity: poems from a three month retreat

With inspiring watercolour images by Emma Burleigh, these poems are reflections on a three month meditation retreat at Gaia House in Devon. As autumn turns to winter, the book traces a retreatant’s journey, the challenge and refuge of contemplative practice, and the sustenance of the natural world.

‘River’s poetry speaks from the heart, of conscious human experience, with elegance, immediacy, depth, simplicity and much love, while Emma’s paintings evoke a deeply felt world of inner and outer resonances and meaning: their complementary forms flow together like a strong but gentle current in the stream of awakening.’ Yanai Postelnik

Proceeds from the book are donated to the Gaia House FAB Fund (Financial Assistance and Bursaries).

Currently out-of-print. For more info please contact River