Leap by River Wolton

“The Anglo-French littérateur, Denis Saurat, once wrote that ‘life is that which leaps’, and it was this phrase that recurred in my mind throughout reading River Wolton’s spirited first collection Leap. Wolton’s is a poetry deeply attuned to social awareness and vigilantly aware of injustice wherever it might manifest itself, making her work both inclusive and incisive – words always teeming on the page, as if the poem has a sentience all its own.” – The Cadaverine

“‘Leap’ is well-titled; her approach is direct, assertive and her tone, even in the impressively well-written love poems, often acerbic. It’s one aspect of her control and confidence that she can capture an emotion ‘in a snapshot’, leaving us hungry for a little more.” – Artemis

Available from Smith/Doorstop