Verse Matters

Verse Matters

Verse Matters harnesses the power of everyday stories, highlighting the strength and inspiration that comes from speaking out proudly in unsettled times.

This anthology of poems and prose, edited by award-winning Sheffield-based writers Helen Mort and Rachel Bower, brings a diverse range of voices to the fore, from celebrated contemporary poets like Malika Booker, Liz Berry and Hollie McNish to first-time published writers from the UK and abroad.

What brings them together is the extraordinary, ordinary tales they tell each other, and their determination to be heard.

Featuring new writing from: Nick Allen, Charlotte Ansell, Catherine Ayres, Liz Berry, Jacob Blakesley, Laurie Bolger, Malika Booker, Rachel Bower, S J Bradley, Carole Bromley, Debjanee Chatterjee, Louise Clines, Hannah Copley, Beth Davies, Carol Eades, Suzannah Evans, Bashar Farahat, Kate Garrett, Katherine Henderson, Jo Irwin, Amy Kinsman, Ethel Maqeda, Char March, Hollie McNish, Mimi Mesfin, Vicky Morris, Helen Mort, Sai Murray, Wendy Pratt, Shelley Roche-Jacques, Shirin Teifouri, Sez Thomasin, River Wolton and Warda Yassin.

“This anthology hopes to confirm the legislative power of fiction, to show that – in times like these – it is more important than ever to celebrate words that attest to being alive – and being human. We want to insist on human connections in times in which these are being eroded.” Rachel Bower & Helen Mort (editors)

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