River follows the tradition of not charging for the teachings, meditations and talks she gives as Community Dharma Leader and trainee teacher. The training and practice opportunities she has received have been given on a Dana basis, so it is a joy and privilege to be able to continue this tradition for the benefit of others.

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The word ‘dana’ is from Pali (the language in which early Buddhist teachings were written down) and can be translated as the practice of cultivating generosity or giving. It is a foundation for ethics, mindfulness and freedom.

The practice of generosity connects us to the multitudes who have walked the paths of wisdom and compassion before us, as well as those who will come after us. Our practice has been made possible by countless others, and in turn we can support the continuation of these teachings, for the benefit of those we’ll never meet. 

Dana is also a radical challenge to the market economy, to habitual relationships to money, to thoughts such as ‘What’s the least I can pay for what I want?’ or ‘Can I value something that has no price tag?’ It aligns with the philosophy and practice of the gift economy, and ensures that these teachings are accessible to everyone, including those with limited or no means.

River would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the teachers, fellow students, practitioners, communities, family and friends who have supported and accompanied her. In particular her partner Fiona, whose generosity, steady companionship, humour and love makes so much possible.

Heartfelt thanks also to the Hemera Foundation and the Tara Project Teachers’ Support Fund.