There was a form of magic and alchemy in this workshop. It was a revelation. I’m going away with food for thought and a touchstone moment of seeing how I relate to my writing.  – Workshop participant

River has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, particularly those who don’t think of themselves as ‘writers’, including refugees and asylum-seekers, mental-health service-users, people with learning difficulties, looked-after young people and care home residents.

Rosliston Workshop Jul 09 010lo_resShe has worked extensively in primary and secondary schools, often in collaboration with other artists, film-makers, photographers and musicians.

River made the children feel like they were writers.  – Y5 teacher.

A long-term meditation practitioner, she also offers writing and mindfulness workshops, aimed at bringing greater awareness and enjoyment to the writing process.

The mindfulness workshop is still vivid in my mind. It was the first workshop of that kind I had attended and can remember how, as we progressed, I became more and more aware of the sounds of the garden, the birds, the leaves moving against each other, bees, distant traffic and also the warmth of the sun on my skin. The overall effect was one of a growing calmness and feeling of relaxation. – Jeremy Duffield.